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Sweep this, Betsy

Just got the latest memo from Hoffman and her new towel-boy. Please note their references to “sweeping changes.” And, just for fun, see if you slog your way deep enough through the muck to uncover any actual substance here. Good luck.

I’ve worked in corporate PR and am well able to distinguish between communication and a carefully crafted attempt not to communicate. This is what happens when the lawyers and PR weasels find themselves on the same side of a task (good PR people are routinely at odds with legal, whose natural instinct is to say nothing – here they decided to say nothing in as many words as possible).

There’s “sweeping” going on, all right – they’re doing all they can to sweep this mess under the rug.

I wish them the best. For now, my vow to never give CU a damned penny remains very much in effect. If I ever do get talked into changing my mind and opening the checkbook, you can bet the farm it won’t be until after Hoffman and Co. have been “swept” off into the Mississippi community college system where they belong.

Read official university double-speak…

Snow day rememberies

[Credit: Thanks to Dee Forsythe of the Pit’s New England Sports Desk for this “wry take on the decision-making process here in Massachusetts.”]

Funny stuff. Of course, we had a different problem when I was a kid. Our decisions were being made a half-hour away, down at the school board offices in Lexington. So what was going on up in our end of the county might or might not be known by the superintendent. We didn’t have the Weather Channel back then, you know. We used to joke that the only way school was getting cancelled was if he had a foot of snow in his own damned yard.

I even remember the bastard’s name – E. Lawson Brown. After he retired they built a new junior high school in the East district (by the way, it’s been over 25 years since I was in high school, but the East Davidson Golden Eagles can still go to hell) and named it for him. The E. Lawson Brown Bruins.

Their school colors were Carolina blue and brown. That seems a fitting enough tribute right there….

Rutgers seeks to suppress student story on athlete privilege?

[Thx to the pit’s institutional journalism correspondent, Pat Vecchio, for passing this on.], a new competitor to the Chronicle of High Ed, is hitting the ground running, looks like. They have a nice look here at how Rutgers is attempting to squash a student investigative piece examining special treatment for athletes.

Remember the good old days when colleges were about education?