Deacs suspend CP3

Wake Forest today suspended star guard Chris Paul for one game for his low blow to NC State’s Julius Hodge in Sunday’s game. I have spent so much time in recent months being humiliated by the appalling lack of leadership and values at the University of Colorado, where I earned my doctorate. So it is with almost immeasurable pride that I applaud Wake Forest, my alma mater, for by god doing the right thing in response to unacceptable behavior by a star athlete. Look, I think Chris Paul is the best PG in the country and I’ve been impressed, up … Continue reading Deacs suspend CP3

Worst spam ever?

An e-mail just arrived with this subject heading: “Nextdoor housewife waiting for you!” > LONELY HOUSEW|FES ARE WAITING FOR YOU! > > REAL Lonely Cheating Housewifes! join HUGE database of nextdoor’s housewifes! > Get Instant access for as low as 1$ !! You wont be dissapointed! Just Try! You know, I’ve seen the nextdoor housewife, and I’m telling you, this is the least tempting spam I’ve ever received. Continue reading Worst spam ever?

Bye-bye Betsy!

[Credit: Thanks to beast_o_bourbon for the heads-up.] CU President Betsy Hoffman has resigned!!!!! “It has become clear to me that, amid the serious matters the University of Colorado now confronts, my role as the leader of the University has become an issue. It appears to me it is in the University’s best interest that I remove the issue of my future from the debate so that nothing inhibits CU’s ability to successfully create the bright future it so deserves,” Hoffman said in letter to the Board of Regents. Of course, it will now be interesting to see who is installed … Continue reading Bye-bye Betsy!

Washington state lawmakers lead latest moronathon

tylerdfc is onto an important bit of idiocy – Bill Would Hold Game Makers Accountable For Players’ Actions: House Bill 2178 proposes to hold the makers and sellers of violent video games liable if someone under 17 years old commits a crime, due in any part, to playing the game. It’s not bad enough that you aren’t responsible for your actions anymore, but we see again the tired, long-since discredited theory of strong/direct media effects rearing its stupid head. Only in America do we focus on the .00001% exception in making policy. One kid wigs out and burns down the … Continue reading Washington state lawmakers lead latest moronathon

Bubba gave bed to Bush Elder

Clinton sleeps on floor so elder Bush can have bed Sunday, March 6, 2005 Posted: 6:28 PM EST (2328 GMT) NEW YORK (AP) — On their tour of tsunami damage in Southeast Asia, former President Bill Clinton once allowed his predecessor, former President George H.W. Bush, to sleep on the plane’s only bed while he stretched out on the floor. There’s a lesson here in civility and respect. It takes a special kind of man to behave this way when he and his family have been so savagely libeled, slandered, and otherwise defamed by pit bulls in service to the … Continue reading Bubba gave bed to Bush Elder