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Booth should surrender quickly before this gets out of hand

See, sirpaulsbuddy knows better. He’s intentionally baiting me with this stuff, and assumes (despite past experience) that he can win this kind of exchange. He’s older and has more experience, he says. He forgets that my high school years were plagued by the curse that was disco, and as such, I have a far greater tolerance (if not love) for pain.

Jim, “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” by Leo Sayer. Let it go. Walk away before someone gets hurt.

Satan’s turtle

Satan said to appear on turtle’s shell
Associated Press

MICHIGANTOWN, Ind. – Could it be… Satan? A central Indiana pet shop owner says a turtle that was the only animal to survive an October fire has developed an image of Satan’s face on its shell. (Registration required.)

Bryan Dora says it looks like the devil wants us to know that he was there.

Stupid hicks. That’s not Satan. That clearly Belial.


[Credit: Thanks to Cindy Cavanaugh for the link.]

Columbine copycat plot thwarted in Canada

Boys plotted to hit Saint John High, police say

SAINT JOHN, N.B. – Three teenage boys have been arrested for allegedly conspiring to seize control of a school and methodically murder some of its students and teachers. Police found gunpowder and other material used for making pipe bombs at the boys’ homes and believe the youths had practised making bombs.

[Credit: Thanks to Cody Barstow at Mojo City News for the link.]

That class

Some folks have expressed an interest in knowing a bit more about my Communication, Technology & Christianity class since I posted the midterm from hell yesterday. If you’re so inclined, the course page is here, and it includes the syllabus, links to many of the readings, and a downloadable version of my dissertation, which is the primary text for the course.

Or you could go watch basketball….