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I was already somewhat bummed that, thanks to a variety of financial difficulties at the school here (for the moment I’ll stay clear of the various arguments as to who might be to blame for said shortfalls) the faculty was only looking at what’s being termed a 2% “pay raise.” The question of applying the term “raise” to an amount that likely fails to cover inflation is also something I’ll leave for another time.

I was just now informed that since I’m a first-year faculty member that “raise” doesn’t apply to me. So my salary for next year is slotted to be exactly what it is this year.


Cuban on Grokster case

Good take from a man in a position to know whereof he speaks….

It won’t be a good day when high school entrepreneurs have to get a fairness opinion from a technology oriented law firm to confirm that big music or movie studios won’t sue you because they can come up with an angle that makes a judge believe the technology might impact the music business. It will be a sad day when American corporations start to hold their US digital innovations and inventions overseas to protect them from the RIAA, moving important jobs overseas with them.

That’s what is ahead of us if Grokster loses. That’s what happens if the RIAA is able to convince the Supreme Court of the USA that rather than the truth, which is “Software doesnt steal content, people steal content,” they convince them that if it can impact the music business, it should be outlawed because somehow it will. It doesn’t matter that the RIAA has been wrong about innovations and the perceived threat to their industry, EVERY SINGLE TIME. It just matters that they can spend more then everyone else on lawyers.

As noted before, I don’t know what the smart answer is, but the first thing we should do is toss out whatever the RIAA wants because that’s positively what the right answer isn’t.

Former Boy Scout official busted for kiddie porn

Ruh-roh. That rhythmic pounding sound you hear is the PR folks at Boy Scouts of America banging their heads on a table and wishing they worked somewhere else today.

Boy Scout official charged in child porn case
Tuesday, March 29, 2005 Posted: 2:44 PM EST (1944 GMT)

DALLAS, Texas (CNN) — A former top official of the Boy Scouts of America has been charged with downloading child pornography from the Internet after federal investigators found images of children engaging in sex acts on his computer.


Insert your own Michael Jackson joke here.

[Credit: Thanks to Dr. Mike Pecaut at the Rocket Surgery Desk for the tip.]

Grill fulla Jesus

Remember the candles that smell like Jesus? Yeah, well, the happy news folks at Good Morning America had some on today and were chatting them up the same way they might a cute new line of poodle sweaters. Now, I get it – this is some funny, frivolous stuff that’s good for lighthearted entertainment (if you have a brain, anyway – those of you who take items like these candles dead-seriously may now consider yourselves officially insulted).

The issue isn’t this segment in and of itself. Rather, it’s about the trends, the context. Have you noticed just how often corporate owned Big Media shoves some Jesus up in your grill these days? Think about it – keep track, in fact. Once upon a time we’d have been slightly embarrassed by the way in which candle-marketeers and media whores are contriving to trivialize something as supremely personal and serious as spirituality. But now, we can’t make it through the hour without getting our Christ on, seems like. The Saviour must be a ratings bonanza, I guess.

Jesus tossed the moneychangers out of the temple, if I recall. What do you suppose he’d do about network television?