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Why Tiger Woods will never win another major

Woods is instinctively a predator, on the course and off, and it’s not clear that a kinder, gentler Tiger has the mental edge needed to win.

It’s Thanksgiving Day, 2009. Tiger Woods is happily married, he’s everybody’s favorite golfer, and he owns 14 major golf championships. It is pretty much assumed that at some point in the coming few years he will tie and surpass Jack Nicklaus’ record 18 majors, cementing himself as the greatest golfer in history. That evening – and here the details are a bit fuzzy – but it seems that his wife Elin finally realizes that her devoted husband has been serial humping every cocktail waitress on five continents and in a fit of … call it dismay, I guess … attempts to neuter him with a 9 iron. Let’s review Tiger’s competitive results since that moment: Read more