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Thom Tillis: shake hands with a big-government, pro-regulation, anti-business Republican

Thom Tillis Far SideWow. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-E. Coli) really stepped in it this time, didn’t he? In case you’ve been off-planet, The formerly pro-business GOPper opined the other day that restaurants shouldn’t have to force employees to wash their hands after visiting the rest room. Just have them put a sign saying that they don’t require it and let the market decide.

Tillis’ remarks have been widely misinterpreted as being anti-regulation. Hogwash.

  • Who’s going to make that restaurant post a sign?
  • Who’s going to enforce the requirement that they post a sign?
  • What if the restaurant doesn’t want to post a sign?

And how about this:

  • Who’s going to pay for the sign?

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