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Pot. Kettle. Black: Hillary supporters accuse Bernie backers of privilege

Hillary Clinton & Bernie SandersWe’ve had two decades to get to know former First Lady, former Senator and former Secretary Clinton. We look at that history and we understand something you don’t: she isn’t one of us.

First, a caveat: this article is not about all Clinton voters. Many of you support her candidacy for reasons I don’t agree with, but you do so in good faith, and I can respect that. Instead, I’m addressing a narrow band of people who have badly overstepped themselves by advancing a line that is ill-informed, offensive and dangerously corrosive, to both their cause and mine. This is for them, in hopes that we can begin fostering more educated conversations based on fact and mutual respect.

There’s an interesting new rhetorical wedge floating around in recent days. To wit: If you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter who’s unwilling to vote for Hillary Clinton if she secures the nomination, that’s privilege.

So, let’s make sure we fully understand the propostion:

  • If you point out that Clinton enabled George Bush’s illegal war on Iraq, and that she’s accountable for everything that happened as a result, that’s privilege.
  • If you, like me, aren’t willing to accept her apology because there was no excuse for the mistake in the first place, and further, you believe that this calls into question her judgment and her ability to distinguish between basic evidence and ginned-up neo-con smoke-and-mirrors, that’s privilege.
  • If you point to her record as Secretary of State and note her central role in setting and stoking flaming grease fires in places like Syria, that’s privilege.
  • If you point to her support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (which she may or may not have backtracked on – at this stage I’m not sure what she really thinks), that’s privilege.
  • When you point out that she doesn’t think we need to bring back Glass-Steagall – which her husband helped kill and which paved the way for the greatest financial meltdown since the Great Depression – that’s privilege.
  • Likewise, calling attention to her support – or maybe not – of the Keystone Pipeline, that’s privilege.
  • If you point out that her support for marriage equality was preceded by 20 years or so of unambiguous opposition to it (and that she flipped only once the polls hit a tipping point), that’s privilege.
  • If you call everyone’s attention to her recent AIPAC performance and suggest that she’s hawkish even by Republican standards, that’s privilege.
  • If you remind people that she’s a big fan of war criminal Henry Kissinger, that’s privilege.
  • If you point out that she supported the Patriot Act, that’s privilege.
  • If you look at her recent praise of Nancy Reagan on AIDS and wonder what the fuck she was thinking, that’s privilege. I mean, it’s good that she apologized, but still, is this one where a presidential candidate should have to?
  • If you look at her history and count up all the times her positions on important issues have changed, and that this often happens when the winds of public opinion shift, and that all of these cases are easily documented, that’s privilege.
  • If you look at all the cash she’s taken from Wall St. and are suspicious about her commitment to getting the financial sector under control, that’s privilege.
  • If you look at her claims to experience and success and insist on actual examples of real accomplishments, that’s privilege.
  • If you elaborate on all the ways in which she is unarguably to the right of Richard Nixon, I suppose that’s privilege, too.

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The Trump campaign is more than just a KKK rally, and the Dems need to figure it out fast

2016 is a watershed moment. If November features Clinton vs Trump, the Republicans win regardless of how the election turns out.

Donald Trump

It’s the economy, stupid.

Big thanks to our friend Rich James for passing along this analysis in today’s Atlantic. (Pardon the longish snip here – it’s important.)

But on issue after issue, Trump vows to use government as a tool to improve the lot of his supporters, and address their anxieties. He’d interfere in free markets, imposing tariffs to punish companies that move factories offshore, and countries with abusive trade practices. He’s pledged to preserve Social Security. He’s proposed, at various times, registering Muslims and banning them from entering the country.

There’s a common theme dividing the government initiatives Trump supports from the ones he opposes. Read more

My Brother's Bar: 2376 Fifteenth St., Denver

An unremarkable corner in downtown Denver. No signage announces the nature of the business within. But this is My Brother’s Bar, one of the 5280’s most historic spots, and if you know a bit about the Beats, you know that this is the place from Kerouac’s On the Road. Everything has changed around it, but the place itself? More or less the same.

My Brother's Bar, Denver - looking up Platte

My Brother’s Bar, Denver – looking up Platte

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GOP: a headlong race to the bottom of a bottomless well

Last night a topic in the GOP debate was how big Donald Trump’s dick is. (The over/under line in Vegas is 1½ inches. Erect.) Normally this is where somebody says something like “wow, they’ve really hit rock bottom this time” or “damn it can’t get any worse than that.”

But this is the modern Republican Party. Of course it can get worse, and it will. Write it down: they will find a way to top (or bottom, as it were) the famous dick size debate. The only question is when and how.

Here’s what I’m hoping for. In the next debate they drop trou right there on stage, Megyn Kelly grabs a ruler and we settle it once and for all. Read more