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I’m suffering from DTSD (Donald Trump Stress Disorder); you may be, too

Donald Trump Stress Disorder - DTSD

[UPDATED July 16, 2018]

I wrote this just over a year ago. And the only thing that was off is that I think I underestimated.

I know a lot of people, and I’ve had a year to watch, to listen, to discuss, to take stock. My conclusion is that most of us are worse off than we were when I wrote this. The range of emotions (and there are many) right now runs from desperate hope/belief in the system (but knowing the fight is a vicious, uphill one) to civil war (and/or global collapse) is inevitable. If you consider all the perspectives, they fall into one of two categories.

a) We’re in deep, deep trouble, but we can maybe fight our way out, although we may or may not be alive to see it.

b) We’re fucked. Period.

Or, put another way, our chances are

a) slim

b) none

I have friends in trouble. I’m in trouble.

Some of us aren’t going to make it.


I fear I’m caught in a vicious cycle. I have to find a way out.

It’s been tough of late.

Earlier, I posted this to some of those close to me.

I want to ask my friends, people who are around me and who maybe see me online, a question. First some backstory.

It has been hard, throughout my whole life, to make friends. If I don’t bother trying to be nice people think I’m an asshole. If I do try and be nice they sometimes think I’m an asshole anyway. In most cases I honestly don’t care what people think. But there are times when I feel like I hit these periods where it overcomes me and the negative responses just bleed into everything. Read more