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Dolphins owner to players: on your feet, niggers [UPDATED]

UPDATE – 12:53 pm MST: Dolphins owner Stephen Ross now says he won’t make players stand for the anthem.

Ross’ comments Tuesday in a statement released by the Dolphins came after the New York Daily News reported that he said all of the team’s players will stand for the anthem in 2018. Ross was in New York on Monday to be honored by the Jackie Robinson Foundation and receive its ROBIE Lifetime Achievement Award.

”I have no intention of forcing our players to stand during the anthem, and I regret that my comments have been misconstrued,” Ross said in his statement.

If you’re confused, join the club. In the audio, available on the Daily News site, Ross clearly says “all our players will be standing.”

It’s hard to know what to make of it all. It’s odd that “I won’t make players stand” would get “misconstrued” to “I will make players stand,” especially since it’s on tape. The way he shapes that sentence, though – he doesn’t regret that he said what he said. He regrets that what he said was misconstrued. By other people. To mean, well, what he said.

Regardless, the irony is thick enough to choke a moose. On a couple of accounts. First, as noted above, he was being presented an award by the Jackie Robinson Foundation. And second, a rich white guy being afforded the chance to “clarify” what he meant, in a story about how institutional racism deprives black people of the right to mean what they mean … you can’t make this stuff up.

Read on.

I don’t want to deprive people of their right to express themselves fairly, so hopefully we’ll have resolution at some point. If Ross is innocent, I’ll happily retract the vitriol I aim at him below.


Kaepernick vs very fine people respect-the-flag

Because massa said so, that’s why.

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross says all players on his team will stand for the national anthem starting next season.

“All of our players will be standing,” Ross told the New York Daily News on Monday.

“Initially, I totally supported the players in what they were doing,” Ross said. “It’s America, and people should be able to really speak about their choices.”

But Ross told the newspaper he came to the standing decision because he felt the message being sent by kneeling players was unpatriotic and anti-military, an interpretation that was taken by President Donald Trump.

Don't shootFuck Colin Kaepernick and all the rest of them uppity negroes. The protests were about DISRESPECTING THE MILITARY BECAUSE TRUMP SAID SO.

Here’s your free speech and expression in America, bitches: If you do something, you aren’t the one who gets to decide why you did it and what it means. It doesn’t matter what the darkies think they mean, what matters is how massa “interprets” it.

BLACK PERSON: I think Plilando Castille’s killing was a crime.
WHITE RULING CLASS: How dare you disrespect the military!

It’s sort of unreconstructed Colonialism and runaway Postmodernism all at once, init? (Sorry, the book learnin’ got the best of me for a second there…) Read more

Do not pass go: The Week in Snark, 3/2/18

The Week in Snark

Stiff, transparent fucknozzles for everyone!

Do not collect $200.

Jared Kushner has ‘got to go’ if reports about his role in Qatar blockade true: Leading Democrat. Yes. Specifically he has got to go to jail.

Stephen Hawking Claims To Know What Happened Before The Big Bang. This is what I’ve been saying for years.

Washington set to become next state to ban anti-gay conversion therapy. However, anti-asshole religious fucknozzle conversion therapy will still be legal.

WSJ: Cohen complained about lack of reimbursement for porn star payment. So, first he stiffs the porn star, now he’s stiffing his lawyer?

House of pane: Apple was warned of glass danger. Yes, but you have to respect Apple’s transparency in dealing with the issue. #rimshot