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A doll house

Childhood is a complex thing. Depictions and memories of childhood … even moreso.

I’ve been working on this series for two or three weeks now. In doing so I’ve thought about the sheer wonder of childhood, of its innocence and beauty, but also its darker side, so prone to exploitation and horror.

I’m following where imagination leads.

vintage dolls - Runaways


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ESPN gargles Tiger Woods some more

Ladies and gentlemen, the deepest throat in the history of sports journalism.


Read yesterday’s rant. Then check this.

ESPN sucks Tiger Woods' dick

Tiger is tied for 40th, 18 shots back, but that’s okay. He’s still the story. The only story. We’re assured, further down the screen, that [f]or Tiger, par 72 in Round 3 ranks as progress. Even better, if Patrick Reed wins, it will be because he wants to be like Tiger so it will be almost the same as if Tiger won himself! Read more


As long as Tiger Woods is drawing breath, ESPN is going to have Patrick Reed in witness protection.

Patrick Reed can’t catch a break with the Morthership, no matter how good he is. Here’s a screenshot of this morning’s ESPN above-the-fold malpractice:

Tiger Woods Patrick Reed

Reed leads at 9-under, but the real story is Tiger Woods, who barely made the cut. Look – there is accomplishment in his struggles. Pimping ain’t easy for a hustler having to squeak by on $740M. Read more