Maybe it’s Trump who should consider leaving. Now, while he still can.

Kaepernick vs very fine people respect-the-flag

Feckless Leader is at it again, this time saying NFL players protesting the rampant murder of citizens in the streets by police maybe “shouldn’t be in the country.”

Because love it or leave it, you uppity niggers.

Let me offer an alternate opinion, Herr Drumpf.

Now, I’m not one of those protesting players, mainly because I’m too old and sucked at football even when I was young. But if I were, I’d be kneeling and protesting to beat the band. So let’s pretend you’re talking to me, too, on principle.

Unlike you, I have read the Constitution and understand a good bit of it.

I haven’t declared bankruptcy four five six times, thereby using government cover to hide from my own ineptitude.

Or, since maybe even a moron of your magnitude couldn’t fail operating a casino, where you’re literally guaranteed profit, maybe I should say I’ve never run a business in a way that makes people suspect money laundering.

I’ve never had dozens of friends and cohorts investigated and/or charged with corruption.

I’ve never … well, we all know I can go on all day, right?

Point is, most of us protesting sanctioned police violence aren’t weapons-grade fascist pissjars with cigarette-stained-teeth-blond comb-arounds.

So maybe you’re the one who should leave the country.

More specifically, you’re the one who should leave the country before the GOP loses control of both houses, thereby eliminating your ability to obstruct a host of investigations that either are under way or will be shortly.

Because there ain’t no statute of limitations on treason.

Just saying.

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