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IRS investigates Barnett’s CU football camps

Oh, joy.

Questions surround cash flow at university
The Internal Revenue Service is investigating two summer football camps run by University of Colorado coach Gary Barnett. Both Barnett and his attorney acknowledged the investigation Wednesday, but said they were not sure what tax issues the IRS is looking into.

Barnett’s lawyer, John Rodman, described the investigation as “broad” and said he thinks it’s related to questions raised in media reports during the past several months. Those reports have focused on allegations of questionable accounting and lax oversight of camp expenditures.

Barnett said Wednesday, “We are eagerly cooperating with them because we’re just as anxious for the truth to get out — probably more anxious for the truth to get out — than anybody. So we’re cooperating completely.”

Yeah. That’s Gary. All he’s about is the truth. The whole truth. Nothing but the truth.

What’s news in your world

Right now at the top story is – duh – terrischiavo: ‘This was for Terri,’ husband’s lawyer says

In the rest of the news box on the first screen, in order:

  • President: Millions feel Schiavo’s passing
  • Schiavo video released just before her death
  • CNN/Money: Wolfowitz elected World Bank President
  • Report: Iraq intelligence ‘simply wrong’
  • Prince Albert takes over Monaco from ailing dad
  • Report: Half of cancer deaths preventable
  • CNN/Money: Ted Koppel leaving ABC
  • 3 MLB players tossed from NBA game

Wow. Three Terri Schiavo stories before we get to Wolfbeard boarding the USS World Bank, and hell, I guess we should feel lucky that the story on Iraq intel is being covered at all. I mean, didn’t Michael Jackson do something interesting like wave to a crowd today?

Other news in the sections further down the page:

Hey, wait a damned second – what’s that first item there?

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — President Bush suggested Wednesday that lawmakers who oppose his proposal for a Social Security overhaul could face political problems as a result.

Well, what timing – Terri kicks and all of a sudden Social Security is back on the charts. What do you make of that?

I can also imagine circumstances where this one would be huge news:

WIESBADEN, Germany (AP) — A military court on Thursday found a U.S. Army tank company commander guilty of charges related to the shooting death of a wounded Iraqi last year.

And this:

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan appeals court reduced the sentences of three Americans jailed for torturing Afghans during a freelance hunt for terrorists but refused to overturn their convictions, an official said.

Our nation’s misleadership would like to thank Terri Schiavo for her courageous service in distracting America for a couple weeks…

Say it with me – eye on the ball, people…

Terri Schiavo, RIP

terrischiavo is dead. (CNN story.)

I hope she died peacefully, whenever it was all those years ago that she actually died, and I’m sure I echo the sentiments of millions when I say that we profoundly regret the way in which her name came to symbolize the very worst aspects of our culture. From what we’ve read she was a dynamic person in life, and it’s a sign of the appalling amorality of our nation’s technical/medical policy that she was deprived of the opportunity to pass on in dignity.

That her tragedy become a political football is something I hope several dozen cynical politicians get an opportunity to account for when finally they stand before their god.