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Ritter dog & pony show insulting, alienating

I was living in NC when Colorado’s governor, Bill Ritter, was elected, and therefore didn’t follow the campaign closely and don’t really know a lot about the guy except that he’s bound to be better than his predecessor, Bill Owens. Short of actually outlawing schools, Owens did all he possibly could to destroy education in the state, and I’m sure everybody in the tourism industry will remember when his dumb ass stepped in front of the cameras a few summers back to announce that “today, the entire state of Colorado is on fire.” He didn’t actually say “please take your tourism dollars to Utah,” but he might as well have.

Lately, though, I’m learning that a lot of my fellow Coloradans don’t much like Ritter, and this includes a lot of Democrats who voted for him. Read more

The Colorado Wildfires – An Open Letter to Our Damned Governor

My fiancée, Angela, was talking about our genius governor earlier today, and she made a really good point about his widely reported comments on the current wildfires. Let me elaborate on her thoughts in my own brief open letter to the Honorable Bill Owens.

Dear Governor Owens,

On behalf of all the citizens of Colorado, I’d just like to say thanks for your half-witted comments a few days ago that “[a]ll of Colorado is burning today.”

Let’s face it, Bill – despite September 11, despite an idiotic airport security policy that seems designed to harass the innocent traveler, despite a faltering economy that has people around the country trimming their vacation budgets already, some folks out there still need a reason not to bring their tourism dollars to Colorado this summer. Read more