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Fear is the organization killer

Once upon a time the business world was dominated by hierarchical organizations that derived both their structures and mechanistic management philosophies from military thinking that traces its lineage through Frederic the Great all the way back, literally, to the Roman legions. And by “once upon a time,” of course, I mean “at this very minute.”

The truth is that way too many American companies today act as though their employees are some combination of robot and peasant foot soldier. (Hopefully we’re not talking about the company you work for, but I imagine we’ve all been there at some point – I know I have and so have most of the people I know.) Read more

Biz: SCOTUS to hear Sarbanes-Oxley challenge

Several years ago, in the wake of Enron and several similar debacles, it was rightfully agreed that we needed to assure more responsible behavior on the part of American corporations. The result was Sarbanes-Oxley, a law that has since been at the center of any number of debates over the difference between “we should do something” and “DO SOMETHING!!!” I’m not an expert on compliance issues, but I’ve heard enough mind-numbing horror stories from enough people in enough places to suspect that a review of the law, as it has been implemented, might be in order.

Now this news, courtesy of John Carney at BusinessInsider.com: the Supreme Court will hear a challenge to SarbOx. As Carney notes, this particular decision by the Court is a little unusual: Read more