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Shame on the White House (for officially recognizing homosexual unions and “play house” parenting)

Boy howdy, The Dick’s lesbian daughter and her “partner” done pizzizzled off The Parents Group. I hate to actually excerpt anything from this release because it’s all so good, but let me see if I can find an especially juicy bit. Ah, here’s one:

If the Vice President and his wife Lynne are joining their daughter Mary in playing this homosexual game of “house,” then all have chosen their roles and designated lesbian lover Heather Poe as the “Daddy.”

Everyone knows there can only be one REAL biological Mommy. We are all grown adults. Playing “house” is a game for children, not for The White House or the Vice President and his wife. Read more

Loyal Dubya is Dem’s best friend

President Bush today said that embattled World Bank head Paul Wolfowitz, currently embroiled in yet another BushCo scandal, “ought to stay” in his position. This comes hot on the heels of Bush’s show of support for buddy Alberto Gonzales, whose leadership at Justice has been such a festering embarrassment that even loyal Republicans are howling for his head.

This is all very good news for Democrats, although not all of them seem to fully understand the gift before them. Read more

The moral high ground

Once upon a time, Republican moral high-grounders turned a blowjob and land deal-gone-wrong into the end of the world. If you didn’t buy those arguments at the time, you’re probably fairly annoyed at how things have gone with the current administration. If you were convinced that the Clinton “scandals” merited special prosecutors and articles of impeachment, then I imagine you’re just about beside yourself with shame over the job your boys have done since taking office.

Since I don’t see these things catalogued and bullet-pointed as often as I feel like I should, I want to pause and take stock:

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