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Bob Garfield takes Jane Seymour and Kay Jewelers to the woodshed

I rarely post recommendations encouraging you to go check out a business writer. And by rarely I mean never. Today I’m making an exception, though, because it turns out that one of my favorites, MediaPost’s Bob Garfield, hates those motherfucking Jane Seymour Kay Jewelers ads as bad as I do.

Awww. Every kitsch begins with Kay.

But wait. Open your heart? No, unless by “heart” they mean “wallet.” Ladies and gentlemen, I give you open-heart sorcery: the black art of combining celebrity, cheap sentimentality, self-delusion, greed and borderline consumer fraud.

The practice exploits consumers’ emotions and invites them to delude themselves into thinking a product purchase is an act of charity. But it is not charity. Read more

Looting, pillaging, fundraising: Romney fundraiser busted

Say you’re running for President. And say that it’s a couple days before before a major primary season straw poll. In someplace semi-important, like, say, Iowa. Ask yourself, what kinds of headlines would you really, really just not want to see in places like, oh, I don’t know, the AP and Forbes.com?

How about something like this:

Major Romney Fundraiser Indicted for Massive Fraud


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