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Spoken Word: Sam Smith at Writing the Rockies

I spent the weekend up in Gunnison at the annual Writing the Rockies Conference, hosted by Western State College. While there, I got to enjoy weather that was staggeringly beautiful, great beer from the Gunnison Brewery and the Crested Butte Brewing Company (Gunnison’s GABF Gold Medal-winning Summertime 69 was righteous, by the way), outstanding readings and seminars from the likes of Colorado Poet Laureate David Mason, and an all-around excellent event thanks to the conference director, Dr. Mark Todd, and his team. Props to all.

The high point for me was the open microphone event last night, where I got to read a few of my newest works. Read more

Fourth of July, Rocky Mountain High

We took a little drive this morning through some of the more scenic portions of Gunnison County, Colorado. For reference purposes, Gunnison County is significantly larger than the state of Delaware, and since it’s extremely mountainous (the city of Gunnison, which sits in the valley, is at an altitude of 7,700+ feet), there are a lot of scenic spots in the area.

We headed over through Pitkin and drove up the Cumberland Pass Road, the “highest standard car road for summer use in the nation” – and along the way we took some photos. I thought maybe I’d share a few of them with you. (I’m not a real photographer, but perhaps the natural beauty of the place can overcome my technical shortcomings.)

This was shot along the road between Highway 50 and Pitkin. Nothing special, perhaps, unless you’re just blown away by how clear the sky can be in Colorado. Read more