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Obama: hope, change and reality

I believe I recall Barack Obama quoting Otto Von Bismarck’s edict that “politics is the art of the possible,” and evidence of that optimism abounds everywhere I look in Denver today. The two words we seem to be hearing more than any others are “hope” and “change,” and we saw a wonderfully eloquent articulation of this enthusiasm last night in Wendy Redal’s post on starstruck idealism.

There’s no question (among rational people, anyway) that change is sorely needed, and after the last eight years hope is a precious and endangered commodity. Hope is the fuel of change, and sadly a lot of our traditional reserves are running dry.

I want to hope, and I’m being implored to hope, but really, should I? Read more

Iraq: We’re Picking on the Wrong Guy

Anybody who knows me knows I’m not an anti-war type by design. As noted in my earlier piece, while war is a Bad Thing©, it is also occasionally necessary (see also, Harbor, Pearl).

I do not, however, agree that the current “Showdown with Saddam” (“Hoedown with Hussein”?) presents us with a satisfactory case for the application of those principles. My friend Greg Stene has articulated a rationale for the coming war, and while I could go line by line through his analysis, ultimately there is one passage that seems the center of the argument:

We will induce fear in the leaders of other countries who harbor terrorists. And we will gain the implied right of our country to invade and special-op any country or leader who harbors them.

The problem with this is that so far we have no evidence suggesting that Iraq is harboring, hosting, helping, or nurturing al Qaeda. Read more

A Verdict, Finally: War Is a Bad Idea

As I was telling a friend in an e-mail the other day, I started out being not terribly opposed to the forthcoming Operation Whaq Iraq, as there is no real case to be made against ushering Saddam directly to Hell. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, etc. If ever a man needing killing, as we say back home, it’s Saddam Hussein, and while we’re de-verminating the Fertile Crescent, let’s make sure we save a bullet or two for his sons, especially the sub-human Uday.

But as this thing has evolved, I have found myself increasingly against invading Iraq. Read more