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ArtSunday: visit 5280 Lens Mafia, meet some great photographers

Not long ago I mentioned the launch of S&R’s sister site, 5280 Lens Mafia. 5280LM features a number of current and former S&R folks (writers, guest contributors, commenters, loyal readers) and the truth is that the project is off to a start I could barely have imagined. So if you missed it, I’d like to invite you to investigate some of the best so far.

S&R stalwart Dr. Denny is the master of the macro lens.

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Honoring Andreas Feininger

When I’m not trying to learn about photography or earn money to pay the bills, I’m the publisher at Scholars & Rogues. One of our traditions there has always been the honoring of a “scrogue” on our masthead – someone whose life and career we admire. It’s a pretty cool list of folks we have tribbed through the years, and we always have someone do an essay on that figure’s life.

Tomorrow we honor our next luminary – Andreas Feininger. I wrote the piece and it makes sense that I xpost it here. Read more