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So much for the fires: an ark with two animals of each kind just floated down my street…

This time last week Colorado was enduring epic wildfires and “Fire Danger: Extreme” seemed an understatement. We were seeing temps in excess of 100 degrees and one day the humidity dipped as low as three percent. So much for the “earth is burning” portion of the show. Now we’re three or four days into the great floods foretold in the Old Testament. Three weeks ago I posted a couple of pictures from movie night on the Elitch Theater lawn. Here’s one of them, to refresh your memory.

Here’s that same lawn a few minutes ago, after a few hours of positively biblical rain this morning. Read more

The 2012 Colorado wildfires were predicted; now, understanding why they’re happening

The national media and much of America is watching the Colorado wildfire drama in rapt, apocalyptic fascination. For those who are just now recognizing the scope of the disaster, S&R has been writing about this (and predicting it) for some time now. If you’d like to better understand the causes of the explosion of wildfires in the summer of 2012, here’s a quick set of links to  get you caught up.

The Colorado Wildfires – An Open Letter to Our Damned Governor

My fiancée, Angela, was talking about our genius governor earlier today, and she made a really good point about his widely reported comments on the current wildfires. Let me elaborate on her thoughts in my own brief open letter to the Honorable Bill Owens.

Dear Governor Owens,

On behalf of all the citizens of Colorado, I’d just like to say thanks for your half-witted comments a few days ago that “[a]ll of Colorado is burning today.”

Let’s face it, Bill – despite September 11, despite an idiotic airport security policy that seems designed to harass the innocent traveler, despite a faltering economy that has people around the country trimming their vacation budgets already, some folks out there still need a reason not to bring their tourism dollars to Colorado this summer. Read more