Here’s a quick sampling of some of my work.

Marathon Monday Investigation Rolls On: The Irony of Being a Privacy Advocate in an NCIS World
We hate the encroachments of technology, but we appreciate when it catches the bad guys, don’t we?

Teaching Underclass Kids Which Fork to Use
Class is very real in America, and this is especially true in the South, which can be hateful and mannered in ways subtle enough to baffle a courtier in Louis XIV’s Versailles. There were rules. Rules having to do with style, with behavior, with clothes and cars and interior decorating and … really, with just about everything. And I didn’t know the rules.

The Devil is in the Details: WHICH Christianity Are We Making the Official State Religion, Exactly?
Bonesparkle thinks making Christianity the official state religion is a great idea. He wants the details hammered out, though.

Hard Times for the Pure of Heart: Is It Possible to Live Ethically in Modern Society?
We all want to live in accord with the principles that we think are important. But in a corrupt society, how can we do this without winding up in a cave, forever cut off from our community? What was that thing that Ethan Brand discovered?

LeBron James: Welcome to the Punk Hall of Fame
I understand why LeBron left Cleveland. In fact, I’ve had been critical of him if he hadn’t. But crisis reveals character, and how he broke a city’s heart tells us more about the man than we ever wanted to know.

Who Are the Arms Dealers in America’s War on Education?
Education is the single most critical factor in a culture’s hopes for the future. Sadly, our power elites have launched an all-out assault on the only real competitive advantage America has in the world.

An Evening in the Presence of Bob
Take your victory in the 100-yard dash of life gracefully. And quietly. You have nothing to teach those of us who’ve actually earned what we have.

What a Difference a Century Makes
A lot has changed since 1905. Here are some examples.

Reporter Malpractice, Texas Hold-em & the Plame Game
Reporters are obligated to the truth, and allowing themselves to be pimped by those who would use them as tools against the truth is a crime against the profession and the society it serves. Protecting that which you are bound to expose is malpractice. (An edited version of this piece ran at Editor & Publisher.)

Fear, Loathing, and Great Reporting
An Editor & Publisher op/ed: Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is most remembered for over-the-top writings and personality. But it’s worth remembering that he was also a damned fine reporter, with a gift for details and one of the best crap detectors in history.

My Mid-Life Crisis
Even somebody who has struggled as mightily against the tides of age and convention as I have probably has to admit that by the time you hit 45 you should have decided what you want to be when you grow up. There is so much to love about what I do for a living, but there is also the soul-numbing fact that I have apparently chosen a cold and forbidding path through a land that can’t decide whether it hates my kind or simply doesn’t care.

Blogging USA: Thinkworld vs. Shoutworld
An editorial I wrote for Editor & Publisher: “High hopes for the watchdogs in the blogosphere during Campaign 2004 were only partly realized, as consumers strapped on their blinders and hung a fast left or right, looking for a witty putdown they might agree with.”

The Truth About the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
The real story of the SBVT, and what it tells us about George W. Bush.

Postmoderism is Dead — Now What: Distributed Culture and the Rise of the Network Age
The next big thing has been sneaking up on us like a rhino in tap shoes for some time. If we think about our lives here in the early moments of the 3rd Millennium, we can probably see any number of ways in which we’re part of an emerging networked social order, and the network itself serves as the best metaphor I can think of for where we are and where we’re going now that the big deconstruction is behind us.

The Real Reason Soccer Isn’t Bigger in the US (and a Realistic Explanation of How That Could All Change Some Day)
Finally, the truth about soccer in America.

Columbine and the Power of Symbols
My tribe grieves, too.

Columbine and the Radical Tradition in America
Were Harris and Klebold the contemporary version of ’60s radicals like Hoffman and Rubin?

Everybody’s Wrong: Some Thoughts on the Boulder Riots of 1997
I was there when students ran amok in Ames in 1988, too.

Looking at a Small Picture: Death of a Statistic
An editorial I wrote for my hometown paper after an acquaintance was murdered.

Nostrasamus Prophesies the 21st Century
Technology, heavy weather, sports…

2010: Nostrasamus Reviews His 21st Century Prognostications
We’re all about accountability. Here’s the first of our ten-year check-ins. We’re doing pretty well, as it turns out.

42: A Tribute to Jackie Robinson
Major League Baseball gets one right.

Sam Gives Optimism a Try
There’s good news and bad news…

Why I Voted For Pat Buchanan
Trust me, it’s not what you might think.

Memphis, Tennessee: Mythbuilding by the American Nile
You’d be amazed how much fun the Bluff City can be — even if you don’t go to Graceland.

FCC Lifts Radio Taboo
Have you noticed how badly radio sucks lately? It started a few years back…