Hang your heads, State fans

Being up here in New Yorkansas I guess I’m a tad out of the loop. I knew that State fans had been riding Chris Paul hard prior to his nardbusting episode with Hodge. What I didn’t know until just now what what they had been chanting.

“I killed your grandfather. I killed your grandfather.”

Ummm, excuse me?

Yeah, I know it wasn’t everybody, but that’s the problem with being part of a collective activity. You share in the thrill of victory, you share in the agony of defeat, and unfortunately, you share in the shame when the likkered-up sub-2.0 GPA crowd drags your school’s good name through the sewer. I’ve been brutally critical, for instance, of the parade of disgrace my PhD institution, Colorado, has been staging over the past several months, and I have called for the heads of those responsible for devaluing the public perception of my degree.

Every time I look at the acc_sports community and see State students, alums, and fans letting it slide the stain on your reputation spreads a little more. Come on, folks – I have plenty of friends who have State ties, and it’s pathetic that I seem to have more regard for the history and legacy of the place than people who actually go there. How about a display of character, huh?

BTW, kudos to the N&O’s Barry Saunders for holding the Pack accountable.

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