McNabb missing the point on moron Philly NAACP president

You may have heard by now that Philly NAACP president J. Whyatt Mondesire played the Rush card on Eagles QB Donovan McNabb in a November 27 “editorial” in the Philadelphia Sun. Here’s some of what Mondesire said:

  • In fact this whole dismal season so far has really been a testament of fallen dreams and lost opportunities most of which belongs at your feet (or should I say hands) and that of your coach, Andy Reid who has allowed you to perpetuate a fraud on the field while hiding behind excuses dripping in make-believe racial stereotypes.
  • In essence Donny, you are mediocre at best. And trying to disguise that fact behind some concocted reasoning that African American quarterbacks who can scramble and who can run the ball are somehow lesser field generals than one who can summon up dead-on passes at a whim is more insulting off the field than on.
  • But then you played the race card and practically all of us fell for your hustle. You scammed us man and there’s no way any longer to refrain from “keepin’ it real.”
  • So, for you to continue to deny we fans (as well as yourself) one of the strongest elements of your game by claiming that “everybody expects black quarterbacks to scramble” not only amounts to a breach of faith but also belittles the real struggles of black athletes who’ve had to overcome real racial stereotypcasting in addition to downright segregation.

If you’re digging the samples, download the whole record here. The part where he beats on McNabb with the ghost of Jack Trice is as stiff an assault on clear thinking as I’ve seen since I gave up Bill O’Reilly for Lent.

Anyway, McNabb is as baffled as the rest of us by this blindside. I mean, we expect racism wrapped in faux-critical stridency whenever somebody like Dumbaugh gets his neckflaps flailing, but this is hardly like that, is it? Donovan is quoted as saying, in part:

“If you talk about my play, that’s one thing. When you talk about my race, now we’ve got problems. If you’re trying to make a name off my name, again, I hope your closet is clean because something is going to come out about you … I always thought the NAACP supported African-Americans and didn’t talk bad about them. Now you learn a little bit more.”

But I think Donovan missed the point here. Read this tidbit for a clue as the real issue:

Finally, your failure as a team leader off the field to my mind did as much as anything to exacerbate the debacle that has become synonymous with T.O.’s full name….Just think how the whole media circus could have been avoided had you had the courage to offer only a tiny fraction of your bonus this year to Owens and running back, Brian Westbrook.

Ahhh. The T.O. trainwreck was McNabb’s fault. It’s not that Owens is selfish, or a punk, or a QB-killer, or a coach-killer, or a team-killer, or a head case. It’s not because Me.O. refused to live up to the terms of the contract he signed a year earlier (after playing the whole Ravens organization for a bunch of bitches, by the way). No – it’s because McNabb wouldn’t give poor T.O. some of his money. Had “Donny” just signed over his check, Owens would be leading the Eagles to the Super Bowl even as we speak. And we know these things, of course, because Owens has never had problems anywhere else. (And leave Westbrook out of it – he handled his situation like a professional and the organization wound up taking care of him, as it should have.)

Am I tracking here, Mr. Mondesire?

See, Donovan, the correct response isn’t to address the racial component of the attack. The correct response is to note quite directly that our boy Whyatt is a huffing dingbat, and that stupid is just like smart in one key respect: it comes in all colors.


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