Dumbass Bode still doesn’t get it

Bode: Media made him ‘most hated Olympic athlete’

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. — Bode Miller arrived at the 2006 Winter Olympics as the superstar American skier who carried an abundance of talent and an outsized personality to match.

Then came his disappointing performance at the Torino games, where he failed to earn a single medal and was scrutinized for his enthusiastic enjoyment of the Italian Alps nightlife.

Miller, speaking at the World Scholar-Athlete Games at the University of Rhode Island on Thursday night, marveled at how he was perceived as “apparently the most hated Olympic athlete in history.”

A media prone to “sensationalism” had given the public misconceptions about him, he said, as he urged an audience of mostly teenagers to measure their success by their own standards. (Story.)

Mmmm, that’s not exactly what happened, Bode.

What happened is that you and your megabux corporate sponsor used a media prone to sensationalism in order to hype yourself to the damned moon, and then you didn’t bother showing up. In the business world, that’s called “overpromising and underdelivering,” and it’s the precise opposite of the formula for success.

Maybe next time you could spend less time with Nike’s marketing weasels, less time getting likkered up the night before the finals, and more time, you know, concentrating on why you’re there. Either that or you could stay home and let somebody who actually cares about representing his country have your slot.

Just sayin’, is all…


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