Migrating into Facebook

I finally set up my Facebook site. Yay.

It looks at the moment like Facebook is enjoying a lot of migration from different directions.

  • For starters, it was only recently opened up to non-college students, so there’s a general influx of new users.
  • A lot of business types appear to be abandoning LinkedIn for Facebook. I’m not unplugging my LinkedIn account yet, but the truth is that it’s never done me a scrap of good. We’ll see if I can make more hay with Facebook.
  • Finally, there may be a social network-climbing dynamic at work, although it’s hard to quantify. According to one writer, there seems to be a strong class differentiation between Facebook and the increasingly downscale MySpace. In truth, once you get past band pages, I’ve never found any value at all in MySpace, either.

All things to think about if you’re a business person or a student thinking about your career.

Come see me. I need friends…


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