The futility of unconventional poetry

I’m a poet. Whether I’m a good one or a bad one is, I suppose, open to debate. But the fundamental fact of my life and career is that the business activities that define my professional existence these days are Plan C, at best. If the world worked the way I wish it did, I’d make my living writing, publishing and teaching poetry. (And ideally, I’d be earning a living wage.)

I thought I was on this track back in the late 1980s, when I entered the Masters program in English at Iowa State University (that’s Iowa State , not the Writer’s Workshop over in Iowa City). During those two years I immersed myself in writing and produced The Rainwater Chronicles, a pretty decent book for a 20-something student. I was on my way.

But then something happened. (More…)

One comment

  • the difficulty of unconventional poetry, I believe, is that you can get branded as a neo-dadaist

    If the larger society is interested in stabilizing itself (after a notable tumult like say, the 70s) then stuff which _appears_ critical and destabilizing and dada-like is going to be hard to sell.

    Its even hard to sell among people who normally like that stuff – like the Simpsons movie for me

    But let me imagine a more Hegelian approach – great ideas CAN move history ;D

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