Scholars & Rogues has a new home

I wanted to take a moment to announce this morning’s launch of Scholars and Since we started the site back in April we’ve been hosted at WordPress, but it was our intent to move to our own domain when we could. The “technical glitch” that shut us down for a few hours a couple weeks back convinced us that now was the time.

In addition to subtracting the .wordpress from the URL, this move enables some neat new features, including a design that better reflects the S&R brand and some new social networking/bookmarking tools. If you like a post, you can now simply click on one of the icons that will appear at the bottom of each one to access your favorite bookmarking service (Digg, Buzzflash, Technorati, Reddit, and more).

Of course, the focus remains on the writing, and you’ll continue to get the best professional rumination possible on zero budget. We kick the new site off with a couple pieces we think some of you will appreciate. First, Mike Sheehan has scored a fantastic interview with Rolling Stone political writer Matt Taibbi, who looks like the heir apparent to the legacy of Hunter Thompson. Then we have another reflection from our newest writer, Dr. Sidicious Bonesparkle, explaining why democracy is the greatest tool for the oppression of the people in history.

Counter-intuitive? Maybe a little. But we’re not here simply to reinforce what you already think, are we? It’s probably not fair for us to say that we’re the smartest blog on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t TRY to be. And if we accidentally make people think in the process, well, forgive us. Like I say, we have no budget.

So please, stop by and have a look. Also, we ask that those of you who have S&R on your blogrolls change the URL to point to the new site, as the old one will be going away eventually. Finally, we’d appreciate it if you’d help us spread the word – pass the news along and we’ll be eternally grateful.

Thanks, and happy blogging….

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