Springtime in the Rockies

Springtime has come to Colorado. Which means it’ll be in the 70s today and they say it could snow tomorrow. But let’s enjoy the nice weather, shall we?

I took the dog over to the open space at Davidson Mesa this morning and snapped a couple shots from the overlook at the west end of the park. This first shot is of the Boulder Valley, and that cluster of buildings in the distance at the foot of the mountains is the University of Colorado campus.

Then I swung the camera north a bit for this shot of Long’s Peak, the 14er closest to us here.

It’ll start greening up here in the next week, I imagine. Meanwhile, hope the Spring Fever doesn’t hit you too hard (or, if it does, that you aren’t trapped inside all day). Feel free to link us to pictures of what it looks like at your place…

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  • My God, you live near there?

  • Yup – the spot where I took the pics is a few miles from the house. It’s really close to where I lived before we moved a couple months back. There’s another great spot maybe a mile from here, but no dog park there, and Ronan doesn’t really care about the view…

  • Russ:

    I live about three miles towards the mountains from Davidson Mesa, about a mile closer than that body of water you see.

  • I resisted the temptation to circle your house.

  • Michael "Ubertramp" Pecaut

    I hate you.

  • And I live about 2 miles from where Sam does now, about 4 miles SE of where he took those photos from. I drive by that body of water at least once a week on my commute into that very town Sam took a shot of. In fact, you can see some of my employer’s buildings if you know exactly what you’re looking for in the top photo, nearly off the image to the right, just above the reservoir pictured.

  • I’m happy for you guys. God’s country.

  • Hmmm … will DU — anybody — give me tenure as an incentive to move?

  • One of my best buddies has that same view outside his kitchen window….y’all must be neighbors. I’m probably going to be in that neck of the woods this spring.


  • Jeff,

    Look me up. Have a beer.

  • Definitely.


  • Jeff: Let me know – we’ll get together and have a beer.

  • Dr. Slammy,

    I’ll let you know when I am in CO…My buddy should be back in CO in a couple of weeks…he’s on vacation in Miami, and is doing some hard partying. Some beers sound good, as long as they’re not Coors.(not meaning to insult your great state, but IMHO, Coors really is tasteless)


  • Real Coloradans don’t drink Coors. We export that to the taste-deprived masses. Real Coloradans drink our world-class microbrews.

  • “One of my best buddies has that same view outside his kitchen window….y’all must be neighbors.”

    I grew up in an exclusive area of New York with two parents in the real estate biz. Having a Waterfront View was a prized possession and a big selling point. One of the things which had me awestruck moving here to Colorado was that EVERYBODY has mountain views here. All you have to do is look up and to the west. So, we all have that view on the front range.

    I just drove up to Frisco today and saw a half-dozen spontaneous, Spring-melt generated waterfalls pouring over the cliff-sides along the highway. I love this state. 🙂

    (And cool comment widget addition, BTW)

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  • Even looking at the landscape in a photograph is breathtaking…I can’t imagine how inspiring it must be to have a view like this every day. .

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