The S&R interview: Lee Camp, pt. 1

On February 23, comedian Lee Camp appeared on FOX News, where he proceeded to sound off on the hosts and their audience.

“What is Fox News?” asks comedian and activist Lee Camp on the air. “It’s just a parade of propaganda, isn’t it? It’s just a…festival of ignorance.”

Obviously Camp is a man with some political convictions. He’s also a very, very funny guy, as he demonstrated during the recent DNC festivities in Denver. Appearing with several other noteworthy names (SNL’s Fred Armisen, Sam Seder, Eugene Mirman, and the guys from, to name a few), Camp stole the show with a set that touched on everything from whether America is ready for a black president to whether we’re ready for Miley Cyrus.

Afterward, Camp made a few minutes to answer some questions for S&R and its readers. In the interview he talks about predicting the debacle over how many houses McCain has, the role of the comic in a political society and the challenges facing the working comedian in today’s compromise-at-all-costs media environment. (This is part one of two.)

Part 2: “Thank God for Jon Stewart”

We’d like to offer a huge thanks to our great new friends at for shooting the footage. Natalie Ashodian directed, Chris Bulkley-Logston did the camera work, and Paul Logston handled operations. We look forward to other projects with them in the future.


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