WordsDay contest: you all lose

When we created the new WordsDay graphic above a few weeks back we challenged everybody to name all the authors. Some of you took a shot, and I think the best set of guesses got about 10 of 15 right.

So, for those of you who have been dying of curiosity, here are the answers. Left to right:

  1. William Butler Yeats
  2. Audre Lorde
  3. Bill Shakespeare
  4. William Gibson
  5. Alice Walker
  6. Ernest Hemingway
  7. Gabriel García Márquez
  8. Chinua Achebe
  9. JK Rowling
  10. Neal Stephenson
  11. Doris Lessing
  12. Charles Wright
  13. William Styron
  14. Isabel Allende
  15. Mary Shelley

Thanks for playing. And just for being here you get a copy of our deluxe home edition…


  • Even though I’ve only read three of them, that doesn’t prevent me from acknowledging how worthy a cross-section of literary figures this gallery represents.

  • Sooo … on what basis were they selected? 🙂

  • I’m guessing that Stephenson was selected on the basis of his outstanding facial hair.

  • Denny: Some were selected for obvious reasons, like Shakespeare. Some were selected because I wanted to present a broad spectrum of talents. And some were selected because I know them to be brilliant from long exposure to their work.

    Smart ass.

  • I got divorced because of Alice Walker. Sort of.

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