What’s wrong with this picture?

The following image is from a new TV ad extolling the virtues of Sen. Mark Udall, Boulder Liberal Biparticrat. See if you can spot what’s wrong here. (Pardon the lens flare – I’m not much of a photographer.)


In case the answer eludes you, here’s hint 1 and hint 2.

May the gods bless whoever produced this ad. I’m sure they didn’t mean to communicate so much unvarnished truth.


  • Ha! I nearly over-thought this one, but it’s pretty damn amazing such a stupid mistake made it onto a paid political advertisement.

  • Isn’t that Phil Gramm?

  • It’s Ken Salazar and (Mark?) Udal, both of whom are – nominally – Democrats. But i feel ya, wufnik, it’s hard to recognize Salazar without that cowboy hat he feels is part of some sort of “Western” uniform…though if i had that forehead i’d probably want to wear a hat all the time too.

  • I dunno, looks an awful lot like Phil Gramm. Maybe it’s a separated at birth thing.

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