There’s no “safe word” in American politics

Here’s a story that makes you think.

  • Abusive GOP lawmaker
  • Slips her something that distorts her perceptions
  • Beats the hell out of her during allegedly consensual sex
  • No safe word to make it stop

Damn. Sounds kinda like a metaphor for American political life, huh?

UPDATE: Woops – now it’s a felony assault charge….


  • Yeah, and in not wanting to let down the gods of irony, he fought to ban gay sex, calling it ‘deviate sexual intercourse’.

    • Right. So for those keeping score:

      AGAINST: “deviant” gay sex
      FOR: Drug-enabled, heterosexual rape involving one consenting adult

      Am I close?

  • some of thoroughly enjoy and promot ‘deviant sexual intercourse’. It’s tragic when safe, sane and consensual kinky people get judged the bad rap while stuff like this goes on. Hmmm, perhaps I should write an article about the realities of the ‘deviant’ lifestyle.

    • MS – Go for it. In-my-not-even-remotely-dreaming-about-considering-being-humble-opinion, if it’s between consensual adults and it stays consensual, I don’t particularly care what someone else thinks is great sex. Even if I personally find it disturbing, that’s my issue, not anyone else’s, and my issues shouldn’t stop someone else from enjoying sex to the fullest.

      HL Menken defined Puritanism thusly: “The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.” This goes factorial when sex is involved.

  • gah, there must be a word for hitting the submit button and seeing a typo while the server is processing the submission but not being willing to hit stop and correct it lest it create a double post.

  • Sam, I think “for rape” says it all.

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