Dirty hippies love sports, too

You know how we are. Bunch of shrill liberal crybabies who hate freedom and love terrorists, wish we could destroy all vestiges of American business and give every hard-earned penny that you earn to welfare queens, etc.

All of which is true, especially the parts about how George Soros is secretly paying us all (anybody want to chill on my yacht this weekend?). In fact, George is funding this venture himself in an attempt to further undermine the fabric of American society.

What is less known, though, is that us dirty hippie liberals also love sports. No, seriously. Baseball, football, hoops, soccer, Lithuanian goat rodeo, you name it.

So a bunch of us have started the Dirty Hippie Sports Talk blog. Some early members include our ringleader, Jeff Tiedrich of Smirking Chimp; Adam Bink of Open Left; Mike Lux; Matt Browner Hamlin; Eric Hoffpauir; Brian Keeler (The Albany Project); Sean Paul Kelly (The Agonist); Adam Lambert; Mike Nellis; Rafael Noboa y Rivera; the esteemed Guy Saperstein (who’s actually the nephew of Abe Saperstein, founder of the Harlem Globetrotters); Richard Allen Smith (VoteVets) and Professor Rex. S&R is represented by myself and my good friend, Russ Wellen, who it turns out knows about a lot more than just nukular proliferation.

If the idea of vaguely progressive wankers saying insightful things about your favorite (and most hated) teams sounds interesting, stop by. We’ve just gotten off the ground, so it will be a few days before we have a fully-stocked pantry, so to speak, but it’s always good to get in on a conspiracy early.

See you there. And congrats to the US soccer team, which somehow managed to win another cardiac inducer this morning.


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