Holiday Lights: the miracle on Tincup Circle

Originally published on December 22, 2009.

We have some out of control Christmas light freaks in my general neighborhood – I suspect the same is true for you, as well. A few days ago we heard about an absolutely epic display, although the description didn’t come with actual directions. “Somewhere off of 136th near the big water towers.” Given the sheer number of streets, subdivisions and rampant cul-de-saccery within a mile of those towers, well, directions would have helped.

But we drove around for awhile and eventually came upon a minor traffic jam clotting a cul. A retirement home bus was trying to escape without driving down a legion of pedestrians. “This must be it,” we concluded.

And so we found ourselves in front of the home at 13941 Tincup Circle. I apologize in advance – all I had was my Blackberry (good biz phone, underwhelming camera) – and even if I’d had the greatest camera ever made I couldn’t have done justice to the excruciating detail of this spectacle. If you search your Google on that address you’ll probably find better than this. But hey, I’ll post what I have. Enjoy.

I wish I could have gotten some better shots through the window, because the inside of the house is probably more elaborately decked than the outside.

As we were leaving a stretch Hummer limo was trying to maneuver in, so please understand that, my lame photos aside, this is a destination event around here.


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