Photography: Greg Thow’s Colorado (part 3 – Balloons)

ArtSunday at Scholars & Rogues

Previously: Pt. 1 – DenverPt. 2 – Nature

Due to my fear of heights, I’ve never had any interest in riding in a hot air balloon. But oh, I love to watch them, and have since I went to the Hot Air Balloon Nationals in Iowa back in 1988.

Denver photographer Greg Thow apparently has a passion for balloons himself, as evidenced by his breathtaking 2011 Hot Air Balloon series. Have a look at the shots that follow, then click over to see the rest of the set.

To see more of Thow’s work, visit Greg’s site, Denver Digital Photography. To purchase a shot for your own collection, e-mail him at I just framed and hung two photos from his Denver series yesterday and my little office is a far more pleasant place to be as a result.

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