Meet America’s newest conservative welfare queen

Guess who needs a gummit bailout? Hint: he once said this:

“There can be no question our country is in the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. I also think there can be no question that it falls on us, the individuals, to find a way out of our own personal crisis.”

Give up? It’s this guy.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling asked Rhode Island for additional help to save his video game company Wednesday, prompting state leaders to consider whether the firm is viable enough to justify further investment.

But, isn’t that the avowed conservative, pro-Tea Party guy who called Obama a socialist? And, wait – wasn’t it a sweetheart $75M gummit loan deal that got his company to Rhode Island in the first place?

Ahem. Well. At least give credit where it’s due. Conservative icon Ayn Rand took welfare, so Schil is following the playbook….


Thx to Brad Reed and Sean Cassidy for pointing me at this one….


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