Isaac bears down on the RNC: Reverend Robertson? Paging Reverend Pat Robertson…

It seems like every time some place gets waxed by a natural disaster, our friends on the right – you know, the ones God phones daily – pipe up to explain that said disaster is The Lord’s Judgment against [insert locale here] because of [insert abomination in the eyes of The Lord here]. Katrina was god’s wrath over legalized abortion (although why it took God over 30 years to notice Roe vs. Wade is unclear, as is His decision to wax a Southern state, which would surely outlaw abortion in a heartbeat if it could). Or homosexuality. Or not doing enough to prepare for terrorist attacks. There is some confusion on the matter. Still, The Lord works in mysterious ways.

This year’s droughts are God’s Judgment against the US for, best I can tell, sodomites and just wickedness in general. Last year’s little earthquakes? A sure warning sign. And God gets really torqued off when you ask Israel to give some of that land back to the Arabs.

You get the idea.

So my question is this. As would-be Hurricane Isaac draws a bead on the Republican National Convention, what conclusions are we to draw about The Lord’s state of mind vis a vis the Grand Old Party?

Just asking….

Image Credit:, sorta


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