• The Beatles image stands alone – very different than the others. Try cropping off the light at the lower right corner. My horrible attention to detail wants to straighten the poster and center the condiments. Can you go back and shoot that booth again?
    The color is fantastic. Is that the same place as the top image?

  • If I do that crop, I lose the booth and the symmetry. Which I hate. I can probably get that shot at a later point in the day (that was taken in the morning and that window faces east).

    As for the image being tilted, that’s part of what I liked about it. But I can imagine that it’s going to drive some people crazy.

    That and the Daily Special are from the same diner, and that’s also where I shot the waitress from the Labor Day post over at 5280LM.

  • I can see your point about the bottom of the table – satisfy yourself regarding the tilted picture. Like I said – it’s my horrible problem that likes things lined up if there are other strong lines in the shot. Maybe the tilt isn’t intentional enough – tilt it a bit more and line everything else up. The beauty of all this is no right and wrong.

    It is hard to imagine that calm quiet BW is the same place as that electric orange red booth. 🙂

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