S&R to open new Pacific Northwest Bureau

New York City. London. Oxford. Washington, DC. Western New York. Western North Carolina. Cleveland. The Upper Peninsula. Chicagoland/Indiana. Montana. Denver/Boulder.

Owing to the fact that a majority of the founders either live in Colorado now or did in the past there has been a certain 5280-centric identity here at Scholars & Rogues. Nonetheless, the S&R staff is and always has been fairly dispersed geographically. And we’re about to expand a little more.

In just over a week I’ll be relocating to Seattle to begin a new job in the Pioneer Square district, and if you know the Emerald City I don’t have to tell you how damned cool that is. I’ll be living just over the bridge in West Seattle, a neighborhood I only discovered this week, but which I came to like in a hurry. Of course, the new job is merely the means to an end, with the end being our uncompromising drive to provide our readers with the best, most comprehensive insight into the modern condition possible. That’s hard to do without a West Coast presence, huh?

In the past I’ve been known to write about the occasional local issue here in Colorado, and one might expect the same thing to happen re: my new home in the City of Rain.

The nasty part is that I now have to pack and move, which means I’ll be mostly off the radar for the next week or two. Wish me luck.


  • That is awesome. I am flying there saturday, spending a week. My goal is to move there late spring. It looks pretty freakin awesome.
    [previously posted anonymously as johnc (maybe jc)]

  • Best wishes in your new digs.

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