The hoax is a hoax: Andy Kaufman is ALIVE! (You heard it here first.)

So, it’s been kind of a confusing story to follow, but Andy Kaufman’s brother announced that Andy faked his death to escape the spotlight, is still alive and living in hiding, and has a daughter. Then the daughter materializes. Then it’s revealed that she’s an actress and it’s all an elaborate hoax.

Or is it?

My theory is that it’s a hoax inside a reality inside a hoax. The truth is that Kaufman did fake his death. And the whole thing with the actress today? That’s part of the hoax – Andy hired her to reveal that she was his daughter and then to get herself outed. The hoax is a hoax intended to remind everyone that Andy is still dead when he isn’t. And to give him yet another maniacal laugh at everyone’s expense.

Fucking brilliant!

Meanwhile, yes, Andy is alive and he is hiding. Right under our noses.

Just remember – you heard it here first.

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