Eerie moment in Seattle this morning

Weird thing happened this morning. I stopped at a little gas station/convenience store to fill up. Ran inside to grab a drink. As I was standing there I got this odd feeling. Something was wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something just didn’t feel right. I walked around the place, looked down the aisles, nothing.

Finally it hit me. There wasn’t a Starbucks in there. Not anywhere.

Creepy, huh?


  • Uh-oh, sleepy in Seattle.

  • Yup! it gets creepy when there is no Starbucks…the corner coffee shop was such a bore!! 😉

  • Perhaps there was a Tim Hortons?

  • Oh dear! I am from Seattle, too, …

    … and we do have Starbucks all over. At least five on the cross streets to Pine from 8th to 3rd. Six if you count the one in the lower level of Barns and Noble. A bit of a public health problem, if you ask me. They have turned coffee into a dessert loaded with salt, sugar and fat. As for the espresso, as unfiltered coffee, it contains cafestol, which according to the literature…

    Ricketts, Marie-Louise, et al. “The cholesterol-raising factor from coffee beans, cafestol, as an agonist ligand for the farnesoid and pregnane X receptors.” Molecular endocrinology 21.7 (2007): 1603-1616.

    … blocks cell receptors responsible for processing of cholesterol, and consequently is the most powerful cholesterol-raising agent known, although in its defense, it also appears to lower your chances of colorectal cancer. Given that my cholesterol was 479 mg/dL when first measured (“dangerously high” is 239) and the doctor was only able to get me down to 350 with Lipitor, I gave up my six shots of espresso over ice (what I called my “six shooter’), and within two months went from 350 to 187.

    Coffee? Filtered or instant from this point forward, and living in Seattle.

  • That’s one of the things I’m saddest to finally see in Southern towns.

  • I really enjoy my coffee but can`t stand the taste of Starbucks. Hate their big clunky mugs too. But maybe it`s only this bad over here in Ireland.

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