• Ask any teenager. DEPORT BIEBER is all over twitter and all of the other social networks everyone under 21 goes on (his fan base.)

    • My faith in the youth of America is restored.

      Hey, Dickie – you’d know these things if you had a Twitter account.

      • It comes down to the fact that he is a Canadian citizen here on a work visa.

      • Hit reply too quick! the rest of the comment: BUT unlike way to many immigrants he is a rich white asshat with an overpriced lawyer to keep him from facing the same judicial process as the common immigrant would.

      • Re: the “work visa.” I have turned the Internet inside out and can find no evidence of him doing any work.

  • Rev. Dixon: In a masterstroke of diplomacy our proud nation’s state department has agreed to accept this talented scamp’s presence in lieu of billions of dollars of foreign aid formerly earmarked to the grateful country of Canada. It is reported that Canada will now pay us billions of dollars to keep him. Wishing you the best in your practice of proper mental hygiene and a gluten- free America.

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