McConnell beats off Teabagger challenge: the good news and the bad news

The bad news is that we’re hurtling toward the abyss. The good news is that we’re not hurtling toward the abyss any faster than we were!

McConnell crushes Tea Party challenger

Sen. Mitch McConnell decisively shut down a primary challenge to his 30-year tenure as the Republican choice for Senate in Kentucky.

The Associated Press called the race for McConnell minutes after the last polls closed in the state Tuesday evening.

McConnell’s primary victory over businessman and Tea Party challenger Matt Bevin is a victory for the mainstream GOP among primary races that have at times indicated the party is at war with itself.

While McConnell is a twisted semi-fascist dog rapist objectionably backwards by any reasonable standard, at least we don’t have to confront the reality that he’s too liberal for Kentucky.

Jesus is coming, and he’s got champagne for everyone!

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