• I just wanna know.. Do you believe in things that are really unbelievable like witches because Summer Solstice is a part of their “Wheel of the Year” on which they use to know when is the exact month and day to make their rituals… I’m just curios because I’ve been reading some articles about wiccans and witches.. Thank you.. I also like your poem.. I read it.. It’s beautiful..

    • I’m not a literalist, no. I have asked if it’s possible to be both a pagan and an atheist, and I think I’m proof that the answer is yes.

      For me, religion is about how one orients toward the natural order. It’s symbolic, and that symbolic orientation guides how we live. The symbology of paganism suggests a respect for the natural order and teaches us that actualization is to be sought within that order. The Abrahamic religions teach dominion over the natural order, and that does about as good a job of explaining our current predicament as anything.

      One of my co-founding partners here at S&R, Brian Angliss, once called me a “Jungian pagan.” I’m still trying to unravel that, but I think he was onto something.

      Thanks for reading. I’m glad you like the poem.

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