• Something hard and unyielding is falling over the sun. To protect? Or to smother? Yep. I see more of that every day.

  • I wonder how many different things people see when they look at this image. I know what I see, but I doubt others react the same way.

  • Herr Smith: Obviously a shot of the control panel of the hyper drive for a spaceship of the Orion Space Navy. Or something like that. A picture that is quite thought provoking with an undertone of an ominous, dark character. So expertly composed with the geometric elements and the details remind me of an indecipherable script adding to the mystery. I am enjoying seeing your art evolve and look forward to the next edition. As we celebrate the destruction of the labor unions this Labor Day weekend, I wish you the very best in your practice of proper mental hygiene and a gluten-free America.

  • Wow, that’s a spectacular shot.

    • Thanks, Mike. Oddly, I thought it was a throwaway. Didn’t know I had something until I decided to haul it to use for practice. Here’s the original RAW.

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