Thom Tillis: shake hands with a big-government, pro-regulation, anti-business Republican

Thom Tillis Far SideWow. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-E. Coli) really stepped in it this time, didn’t he? In case you’ve been off-planet, The formerly pro-business GOPper opined the other day that restaurants shouldn’t have to force employees to wash their hands after visiting the rest room. Just have them put a sign saying that they don’t require it and let the market decide.

Tillis’ remarks have been widely misinterpreted as being anti-regulation. Hogwash.

  • Who’s going to make that restaurant post a sign?
  • Who’s going to enforce the requirement that they post a sign?
  • What if the restaurant doesn’t want to post a sign?

And how about this:

  • Who’s going to pay for the sign?

That’s right. Tillis has just endorsed another nanny-state regulatory burden for America’s oppressed businesses.

Enough, already. What we really need is to get rid of all sanitation and hygiene regulations in the food industry. Read a sign and make up your own mind? What kind of Socialist bullshit is that? The way real Libertarianism works is this:

  • A restaurant’s employees don’t wash their hands.
  • After awhile a few customers die of salmonella.
  • Hey, they chose to eat there – nobody coerced them.
  • Surviving relatives can pursue civil recourse if they like, and if they can find an official system in which to adjudicate the grievance.
  • Word gets around. That’s the core of pure free market conservatism. If other people want to eat at the restaurant they can. If not, they can choose to go eat at a different restaurant that isn’t compelled to make its employees wash their hands.

Sen. Tillis, why don’t you and your boy Barack HUSSEIN Obama get your asses back to Kenya or wherever you found this execrable Liberal silliness. American businesses have enough to worry about without being forced to warn people that they’re eating turd-burgers.

Jesus is coming, and he’s a Southern Poopulist.


  • This typhoid loving SOB should be impeached!

  • Well, Thom, cleanliness is pretty much overrated.

    While in Peace Corps we ate at a restaurant nicknamed “rat city,” and yes, it was correctly named.

    Did I mention I was back home six months before I had a normal bowel movement? I honestly stood in the bathroom and stared, having forgotten what it was like. Hey, but I was very, very thin.

  • Dr. Denny Wilkins

    “R.E-Coli” … priceless …

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