Attn Denver art and photo lovers: Light Rail Gallery grand opening in Olde Town Arvada tomorrow night

Sam Smith at Light Rail Gallery

Hey Denver folks – tomorrow is First Friday. Time for some shameless self-promotion (although others are being promoted, too).

Denver FFs are typically about the Santa Fe district, and perhaps the growing RiNo district. But something interesting is bubbling up just west of town, too, as Olde Town Arvada is making a push toward an arts presence of its own (to go with the restaurants and all the brewpubs).

Tomorrow night, then, is a big night: it’s the grand opening of the Light Rail Gallery​. I’m honored (here’s the self-promo part) to be included amongst the exhibitors for the maiden voyage (a group that includes a range of very talented artists working in a variety of media and styles, not the least of whom is Denver’s foremost cityscapist, Greg Thow, a shooter that we’ve featured here at S&R on multiple occasions​), and I can tell you, straight up, that this is a very nice venue. And I say that as a guy who has wandered through some … less nice venues.

As much as I love Denver and downtown and the Santa Fe and Rino neighborhoods, it’s gratifying to see other parts of town staking out a space in the 5280’s burgeoning arts scene (I’d like to see the Berkeley ‘hood, which is across the street from me, get serious about the arts, too). Olde Town Arvada is one of those “hidden gems” that people talk about – a small, but very cool historic district that’s well-populated by restaurants and shops and brewpubs and now, thanks to owner Mary Fedge, one extremely nice gallery.

If any of this sounds interesting, the gallery will be open from 4:30-8:30 and I’ll be in the house from 6:30 on. I hope you’ll stop by and say hello.

Light Rail Gallery
7714 Grandview Ave.
Arvada CO



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