Religious Freedom Restoration Act: it’s Schroedinger’s Discrimination Law

Indiana Governor Mike Pence wants to “fix” the state’s controversial new law.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence aggressively defended Indiana’s religious freedom law Tuesday but said he wants a bill on his desk by week’s end “making it clear the law does not allow businesses the right to deny services to anyone.”

“This law does not give anyone the right to discriminate,” Pence said at a news conference.

Okay, I’ll play along.

Question 1: if the law is fixed so that you can’t deny service to gays, then … what does it do?

Question 2: if it wasn’t intended to allow people to deny service to gays, what was its intent in the first place?

These strike me as simple questions. If a law needs this much clarification, maybe it shouldn’t have passed to start with. Just saying.

Jesus is coming. And he isn’t. All at the same time.

One comment

  • Jennifer Rubin, the conservative WaPo columnist, just wrote a great column about it. She pointed out that IN gays weren’t protected against discrimination before the law, but now will be. Also, she noted that there wasn’t really a problem with businesses not wanting to serve gays anyway. So Pence, and btw almost all the Republican candidates most of whom endorsed the law, in trying to make some cheap points with the base, managed to “address a problem that didnt exist with a solution that was never going to work” and ended up alienating younger voters and independents. Again.

    Democrats shouldn’t bother coming up with ads for Dem candidates. Instead just buy airtime for Indiana Republicans so they can talk about “legitimate rape” or “religious freedom.”

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