Fall in Colorado: it’s been glorious

Monarch Pass, Colorado

Monarch Pass, Colorado

I love almost everything about Colorado. Almost. Sadly, the climate here tends to have very short transitional seasons, and like a lot of people who grew up in my neck of the woods (NC), my favorites times of year have always been fall and spring. I took the long, moderate, invigorating equinox seasons for granted, I guess.

Autumn in the high country tends to follow a pattern. First it’s summer. Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hey – a nice fall day, BAM! Snow!

This year, though. This year fall has been majestic. Long, slow, taking its time, temperatures easing downward instead of crashing face first…crisp evening air, leaves lingering as they change. October this year has been like the magical seasons I grew up with.

It has been wonderful.

I don’t know whether it’s climate change, or El Niño or simply an outlier, but 2015 has graced me with the most exhilarating autumn I can recall since I first arrived in August of 1993.

The forecast calls for snow Tuesday night, and soon winter will be upon us in, I imagine, full force. That’s fine – I love winter, too. But I am grateful for the golden season, and am not likely to forget it.

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  • Sam, having grown up in Colorado, I can echo your comments. You have hit on an experience a lot of us go through … at least one totally out-of-control Fall season. You’re right, Too often Fall just hits. You gather your stuff to go up into the mountains next weekend, and when you do, it’s already all over. And from what you hear, the colors were not that much to look at anyway.
    But every once in a while, there’s a Fall that people remember. They talk about them according to the year they occurred. The 1996 Fall (if I remember correctly), was a killer experience. I’m happy to know you got your Fall year of Incredible.

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