Did Obama wiretap Trump? Here are the four things you need to know

obama-earpiece-getty-640x480President Donald wants his lapdog Congress to investigate Obama for Watergating him. Is the former president guilty?

  1. It could be true. Obama and the NSA eavesdropped on everyone – you included – so why should Donald be immune. It’s perfectly likely that there are recordings and transcripts of everything Der Orangeführer has said for the past decade.
  2. But. Did Obama and Co. tap Donald more than they did other people and did they do so for political reasons? Who knows. Maybe. Is it as bad as Watergate? Who knows. Maybe. Is it as bad as what Donald has in store for any American who disagrees with him or dares question him on any point great or small? Bitch, please.
  3. Do these questions or the answers to them matter? Well, in a functioning representative republic, absolutely. In a simmering war against actual fascism? You make the call.
  4. Why is Donald making such a fuss about this, with no evidence, all of a sudden? Ah. This one is easy: because he doesn’t want you focused on his emerging little Russia problem.

One more question: are you stupid enough to be distracted just because somebody says HEY, LOOK OVER THERE!?

Eye on the ball, people. Eye on the ball.

Jesus is coming children, and he’s looking to punch some Nazis.

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